How To Delete Autorun.inf in usb

No Need To Use Anti virus Software..
start menu > run > type: CMD
(e.g. if your drive is at drive E: then type E: on the command prompt then press enter)
Try doing this to your USB drive and check if your USB stick contains the same folder and AUTORUN.INF, if it does then your system is really infected..
Go to command prompt, in USB Drive  do the following commands.
type: E: Press ENTER key
type: attrib (take a look of your files.. if you see a SHR  that is a virus now this is the tip how to delete that virus without using a Antivirus Software)
type: attrib autorun.inf -h -s -r
type: del autorun.inf and press ENTER key
type: attrib autorun.inf and press ENTER key
if said autorun.inf not found *.*
Create a folder named: AUTORUN.INF on the root directory of your flash drive. (to do this type the command: MD\AUTORUN.INF)
type–> MD\autorun.inf and press ENTER key
If an error: a subdirectory already exists try to repeat the following instruction above…

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