Android Apps Endless installing.. [Solution]

Endless installing after you download the latest updates of your apps? Now here’s the solution How to end it. I always encounter this problem in facebook apps on my phone zenfone 2.

Problem: endless installing.
Apps : [eg: facebook]
Download and wait to show the installing

Solutions: most probably the installing process took a seconds only but if. took too longgggggg. All you have to do is reboot your phone (if still installing wait atleast 5mins before reboot the phone just to make sure) do not end process the installing process. Just reboot.

Work and tested by me.
After you reboot you can check your apps version to make sure if the installation is success.

Ps: sometimes after you doing this process after you reboot your take too long to start up sometimes 2-3 minutes it defends on the phone.


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